John Kirker - Give Your ThanksDo you ever sit around and reflect about tough times in your life?  And of course, tough times still come up, nobody is really immune.

Grafton WeissWell, a little over  a year ago I thought about my high-school water polo coach.  His name was Grafton Weiss.

He had a game at a local pool so I took the time to go down and see him.

I watched him win his first and last High-School State Championship.

He was so happy – and so was I for him.

And after the game I went up to him and I said, “Grafton, thank you so much for being such a great guy, leader and like a father to me when I was in high-school.  It was a touch time for me and you were always there.  I appreciate everything you did for me and because of your investment in me, I grew to be a better person.”

A week later Grafton died of a heart attack at just 49 years old.

There are two lessons that came out of this:

  1. It felt really damn good to say thanks – and see how much it meant to him to hear it.
  2. The people who made a difference aren’t going to be around forever.  So thank them while you still can

And that’s how and why, a year later, I came up with this concept and this site.

Why not have a “Give thanks day!” one day a year?

Heck, you could really could do it every day but… 😉

And it’s not just any give thanks day, but a day where you recognize someone who you’ve never recognized before.  A day where you thank someone for doing something for you or saying something to you that had an impact on reaction to the situation and an ultimate impact on your reality today.  A day where someone hears, “Hey thank you for doing x because…” and they may never have known that they did anything for you.

And that’s what this is all about.

So be grateful for the friends and family you have in your life – and let them know how much their actions mean to you.

John Kirker

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