Giving Thanks

What You Have To Do… (I have to What?)

OK, your first reaction to the title of this might be, “I don’t have to do anything.”

That’s right, you don’t.

But you can choose to if you want.  And choosing to will be incredibly valuable to you – and someone else – and best, it won’t cost you a dime, unless you are using a payphone of course.

So here’s the plan.

  1. Think back to a time you were going through “life” – a time that felt difficult
  2. Think of a person from that time that said something, did something or made an impact on you or your direction – and changed your life.
  3. Really think about the impact that this one conversation or action had on your life.
  4. Write down all the good things that came out of this, the chain of great things that came as a result.
  5. Contact this person, schedule a lunch with them, send them a card, whatever – but thank them for what they did and tell them why and how your life is better because of it.

It’s really that simple, it only takes a few moments and both you and they will feel great because of it.

Good luck, be grateful and make it a great day.


Giving Thanks

February 9th is now the International Give Thanks Day.

Recognize the Unrecognized

And it’s not a normal give thanks day, but a day where you pick someone special who, in your life or in the last year, has made a difference.

This should be a person who you’ve never recognized or thanked before. It could be a person who simply made a comment that shifted your direction or viewpoint.

It could be a childhood friend that helped you through a tough time. It could be someone who didn’t know they helped you or didn’t plan on helping – the help just happened – and because if it you are better – and you want them to know it.

Be a fan of this page, share with friends and tell people that they’ve made a difference in your life, however big or small the difference, they did it.

John Kirker

P.S.  You can give thanks every day.  You can thank people for doing anything.  Just remember.  It doesn’t cost anything to do it and it’ll make both you and them feel great.

PPS.  Add comments on who you thanked and why.