Giving Thanks

What You Have To Do… (I have to What?)

OK, your first reaction to the title of this might be, “I don’t have to do anything.”

That’s right, you don’t.

But you can choose to if you want.  And choosing to will be incredibly valuable to you – and someone else – and best, it won’t cost you a dime, unless you are using a payphone of course.

So here’s the plan.

  1. Think back to a time you were going through “life” – a time that felt difficult
  2. Think of a person from that time that said something, did something or made an impact on you or your direction – and changed your life.
  3. Really think about the impact that this one conversation or action had on your life.
  4. Write down all the good things that came out of this, the chain of great things that came as a result.
  5. Contact this person, schedule a lunch with them, send them a card, whatever – but thank them for what they did and tell them why and how your life is better because of it.

It’s really that simple, it only takes a few moments and both you and they will feel great because of it.

Good luck, be grateful and make it a great day.


2 replies on “What You Have To Do… (I have to What?)”

I found you because you are following me on Twitter, I will now follow you. I want to thank you for this blog post because I will now thank my sister-in-law for something that she did for me that was so simple, but completely turned my life around. I was at my lowest point, filled with pain, I didn’t know where to turn. Without knowing this she sent me a CD of Josh Grobin with a little note that suggested I listen to a particular song. Again, she didn’t even know what was going on with me. That was the start of my spiritual journey that has taken me beyond anything I could have ever imagined. That was a little over 3 years ago. Thanks for the suggestion. I will call her now.

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